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How Breath Moves In Nostrils Timings

Though it appears that we breathe through both nostrils, if we observe our Breath, we will notice that quantity of Air/Breath that pass through is not the same for both nostrils, Left and Right. Sometimes, breath passes more through the left nostril and at other times through the right nostril. The Left nostril belongs to / (called as) Moon and Right to Sun. When one holds the Breath, Sushumna, that holding of Breath belongs to or called as Agni, Fire. We shall see in detail in the forthcoming articles.

Binomial Triangle Computer Binary System By Pingala Hinduism

Ancient Indians used Mathematics extensively and relied on it so heavily that Indian Logic, Philosophy,Hindu Rituals and the Sanskrit Language have strong Mathematical base.

Meters, called Chandas are used in Prayers, literary works have a strict Mathematical base.

Pingala, younger brother of Panini, the Sanskrit grammarian, has devised Chanda Shastra that deals with these Meters.

He is dated to 2 BC, may be earlier.

Another Legend has it that he is the younger brother of Patanjali, who wrote the Yoga Sutra.

This assigns Pinagala to 4 BC.

Saneeswara Stotra By Dasaratha and More

They are like Traffic signals.

Like a Traffic Signal they indicate the directions your life might take, based on your actions. past and present, Karma Phala.

As such one has to withstand the pressures exerted by the Planets.

On this concept, the Vishnu Sahasranama has an excellent sloka.

It calls Lord Vishnu as,

'Dhukka bhukh, Dhukka Saadhana:'

Vishnu is the repository of Dhukka, adversity , but,

He is also the One who grants you the strength, tools to overcome the trials and tribulations.

Hinduism is the only Religion which dares to call God as the repository of Adversity!

As such one can not escape the results of one's actions .

What can be done is to pray the Navagrahas and God to grant the strength to overcome the difficulties.

Here are some Stotras on Saneeswara.