Sanskrit is Not From Prakrit

For an Epic with the beauty of Ramayana must have had Grammar. A Language takes years to form and Grammar takes still more time. Using that in an Epic, it should have taken hundreds of Years. Hence Sanskrit precedes Prakrit. Sanskrit mentions that Sanskrit is Deva Basha, the Language of Gods, while Prakrit was calls the Language of Man, Manusha Basha. The inference is that while Sanskrit was used for Literary works, Prakrit was in daily usage. Calling Sanskrit as having been derived from Prakrit is akin to declaring cockney as the Mother of English Language. There is aview that most of the Jain Literature was written in Prakrit ans hence Sansrit is preceded by Prakrit. What people forget is jainism is of later origin when compared to Hinduism. Another ancient language tamil mentions Sanskrit and Prakrit and declares Sanskrit as the language of Indian Philosophy. The argument that Sanskrit was not the original Language is pure idiotic wishful thinking. Lets us see now why the argument Sanskrit is not from India is erroneous.