How Indian History Was Distorted, The First History Of India

And who wrote this First Indian History ? It was by James Mill who wrote the First Book, 'History of British India' in 1806... The book begins with a preface in which Mill tries to make a virtue of having never visited India and of knowing none of its native languages. To him, these are guarantees of his objectivity, and he boldly claims – A duly qualified man can obtain more knowledge of India in one year in his closet in England than he could obtain during the course of the longest life, by the use of his eyes and ears in India.

Parenting Consistency Punishment Myths Facts

The first Myth is that you need to be trained and educated on Parenting. Parenting is instinctive and no body needs training or to be educated. One picks it up as one becomes a parent. I recall a Seminar was invited to deliver a Lecture on Parenting. Knowing my views I tried to refuse. But on their insistence, I attended it. I requested them to speak towards the end. Speakers after speakers stressed on Parental Stress,Adjustment,Consistency, setting examples, carrot and stick, Lifestyle adjustment etc. I was the last to speak. ' All of you have listened to exposition on Parenting. Animals do Parenting, take care of their children, those of you who are present here have been brought up by parents,most of them not educated, definitely have not attended courses on Parenting.

Credit Card Score Myths.

Spend what you have: Don't commit on expected earning. Myth: Paying your bills on time and carrying a balance on your credit cards will give you a good credit score. "Folks think they have to carry a balance on their cards in order to get a good credit score," says Opperman. "We let them know … Continue reading Credit Card Score Myths.