Yoga Mudras in Ancient Rome Greece

So, it is not surprising that art forms use Mudras,essentially a spiritual practice are used in Dance. There are 108 Mudras. Mudras are expressed through fingers as well and this is used in performing Mantras Essentially Mudras signify the The Unity of Reality and the individual Self. In Tantra Shastra these Mudras are used extensively in Tantra practices. There are Mudras specifically linked Mudras to a God.

Nyasa Anga and Kara Preparaion for Pooja

There are procedures for performing Pooja in Hinduism.   The Universe is connected and interdependent. Any action performed affect another and there may be certain elements which may not be tolerant of your actions. There may be elements that would help you  in your endeavor. To prevent the former and facilitate the latter some procedures … Continue reading Nyasa Anga and Kara Preparaion for Pooja