Immoral Unethical Behaviour Hindu Texts Explanation

I have received  comment which highlights the seeming contradictions/immoral and unethical behaviour in the Hindu Puranas and Ithihasas.
Let me answer the general explanation and shall offer my views under each query in detail.
1. Hindu Puranas and Ithihasas are facts.
As such there is no need to window dress events and characters.The facts are presented as they were.
Though there ideals in olace for people to follow not all followed them.
2.According to indian texts the Yuga Dharma, v

Morality For the Society First By Sanatana Dharma To World

‘Even though I am Hindu and yeah I don’t believe in idol worshipping but sometimes I doubt what was the first society or first rules made on earth whether it’s Hinduism or other Relevant religion.. Please can u light on some confusion’

It requires a Hinduism to allow you to say that you do not follow some of its tenets and yet say I am a Hindu!

Sanatana dharma does not call it as heresy.

It calls it as enquiry which it feels it ought to clarify and clear.

Hinduism Daily Rules To Follow.

Hinduism sets down Rules for every one.

It does not say that Hindus alone should follow these rules.

Nor does it sat that only those who follow these Rules are Hindus.

These are suggested ways o Life as found by wise men.

We have these sets of Rules, not classified as rules as such in the Vedas, Puarana, Epics Like the Mahabharata and other literature .

So it becomes difficult to codify all these under one head.

But efforts have been made earlier with various Smritis, like Manu Smriti,Sukra Neethi,Vashista Needhi,Vidhura Needhi.

Even these texts are too long and at times difficult to understand.

Sree Vatsa Somadeva Sarma,under the guidance of Kanchi Maha Periyavar, published a book in Tamil,’Vaidika Samvardini’,containing the essentials of behavior according to Hinduism.

These rules, contrary to popular misconception, is to be followed by all, not meant for only Brahmins.

One wil notice that these rules have a scientific bearing and are conducive to good Health , both mental and Physical.

The Rules:

Do not look at the Sun, during,

Sun Rise,,


At Noon,

as a Reflection in Water,

and during Eclipses.

2.Always perambulate in a Clockwise direction, Brahmins,Temples,Idols of God,Cow, Married woman, and Pipal tree (AswathaTree)

* King Dileepa did beget children because he perambulated these anti clock wise.

3. What not to do with Fire.

Blowing out by Mouth,

Jumping over,


Keeping on the ground(keep on a non combustible) container,

Douse it with Water,

Warm the feet,

Drop unclean things and

add more fire to the existing Fire.

4.How to approach a Holy Rivers.

Do not keep your feet first.

Sprinkle water on the head first(Prokshana),

Then wash feet.

Do not take bath without clothes , have a cloth for private parts’

Do not spit or gargle .

If you need to, take water in a vessel and gargle.

Do not urinate or pass motion.

Do not Drop stones.

5.Never do the following for only for one self.


Prepare Garlands.

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