Svarga Mount Meru Of Hinduism Is The Arctic

However the basic information about the Topography is correct and verifiable.

Many of the sites mentioned in the Ramayana, Mahabharata,The Vedas have been found now.

Ayodhya, Mathura,Pandyaa Kingdoms, not to speak of the Holy places, Rivers, Mountains and even the Species that thrive in these locations.

At the same time one gets the impression that the areas mentioned are not in The Earth and are located in some other location ,Planet, under the Ocean.

And we have the Lokas, the abode of Beings confusing.

Hinduism Seven Higher Lokas Existence Explained

Hinduism describes fourteen Lokas or places there is Existence.

I have not used the term Human.

The descriptions are of beings in terms of Color, Shape, behavior are different…..

An interpretation is that these are the Quantum Fields other than where we exist.

Please read my pots on this filed under Astrophysics.

Yet there is evidence to suggest that these are Planes of existence with Physical boundaries, inhabited by Beings.