What Is Dharma, Righteousness Hinduism

There are certain Dharmas which are constant, like Truth,Compassion.

The Dharma of a Brahmana is at variance with that of a Kshatriya;when insulted or provoked a Kshatriya must attack, a Brahmin must bear with them.

Keeping quiet when speaking the Truth is sometimes called Dharma.

Dharma varies according to the stages of Life,Brahmachari’s is different from Gruhasha and Gruhstha’s is different form Vanaprastha for identical situations.

So much so Lord Krishna says it vey difficult to say what Dharma is even for a very leaned man(Bhagavad Gita)

Yet there is a reasonably detailed description of what Dharma is in in Bruhat Purana.

‘ sathyam Dhaya thataha santhirahimsa cheti keerthitha,

Dharmasyaavayavaastha chatvaarah poornatham gatha.

Twelve different forms of Sathya (Truth).

‘Amityavachanam satyam Sweekaarapradhipaalanam,

Priyavaakyam kuroh Seva Dhrdam chaiva vrataham Kruham’

Aasthikyam Saadhusangasya Pitur maathu piyankarah

Suchithvam,dwividam chaiva hreerasanchaya eva Cha’

1.Amitavachanam-not speaking that which is not true.

2.Sathyam-Truth,Not speaking a fact is different from speaking the fact as it is.

3.Sweekaarapradhipaalanam-Completing what one has undertaken to do.

4.Priyavaakayam-Speaking what is pleasing.

5.Kurror Seva-Serving the elders.

6.Dhrudam cha Eva vrtham Krutham-if one takes a vow, it has to be completed.

Dos And Don’ts Hinduism.

Though there are lots of Rules on Behaviour , a short list is prescribed by Patanjali in his, Yoga Sutras.

These rules re classified under two categories.

One is what to do and another what not to do.

Things what one is not to do.

1.Inflicting Pain on any living being.(Ahimsa)

2.Not speaking Untruth.(Sathyam)

One may notice here that speaking Truth is not classified under things to do or as a Positive concept.

The reason is that by refraining rom speaking Untruth amounts to speaking Truth.

Sometimes keeping quiet when forced to speak untruth amounts to speaking Truth.

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