Email Shutting Down

India Times email Service is shutting down effective 18 February 2013. Copy of the Emaill Received from 'Dear Indiatimes Mail users, Indiatimes logo. We wish to inform our Email subscribers that Email Service (“Service”) will be discontinued and shall be permanently shut down with effect from 18th February, 2013 - 12 P.M(Indian Standard … Continue reading Email Shutting Down

Cop dying as callous ministers watch-Tamil Nadu,India.

Please watch the video.This is not a film shooting.Two guys are cabinet ministers in Tamil Nadu,India;one of them is the Health minister. One more gentleman is Health Secretary,Note the the way the bear themselves. In another footage shown by Times Now, a popular English News Channel you would notice a photographer merrily clicking picture.

7 social networking tips for the novice

Most social networks (SNs) will offer to trawl your Web-based email address books and connect you with friends. Don't let them. Not until you've found out how your information is treated. And whether the network will go ahead and send invitations to all the non-members in your address book. It's far better to fumble around and slowly find people you know, or want to, than to piss off several hundred people at one go.