Presence of Hinduism Around the Ancient World

It is not a View but a Way of Life, as Dr.Radhakrishnan, put it.

In the journey of Sanatana Dharma, I have ascertained the following facts.

Sanatana Dharma is older than what the dates have been assigned now( 5000 BC for Rig Veda)
It was the Religion of the world.
It spread throughout the world.
Rama , Krishna, Vikramadhitya ruled the world.
Krishna’s son built a city in Russia.
Rig veda was composed in Russia.
Russia had an all women Kingdom called Sthreevarsha.
Russia had a city of Swastika……

Assam Kings Ruled From 20000 BC Hiuen Tsiang

Indian texts are brushed aside as Myths.

Now let me quote Huein Tsiang, a Chinese traveler who visited India around 643 AD.

Any problem in accepting this?

He states that 1000 generations of Kings (before Huein Tsiang) ruled Assam.

Taking the conservative estimate of 20 Years per generation , this works out to 20*1000=20,000!

Names List of Ancient Indian Kingdoms Landmass

The Vishnu Purana, where the Evolution of the Universe is described, also describes a Number Kingdoms, there were fifty-six .

The other Seventeen Puranas also do for this for the description of the Universe and the Bharatavarsha is one of the Rules for being classified as a Purana.

There is also a tradition that there were fifty-six Kingdoms in India, this is explained in the Mahabharata, where the Story of Nala and Damayanti are narrated.

It provides a list of fifty-six kings who attended the Swayamvara of Damayanti.

The Ramayana also lists more or less the same number in the Ramayana for the Swayamvara of Sita.

Tamil Classical Literature also mentions fifty-six Kingdoms.

Now I came across information that the number of Kingdoms are not fifty-six but seventy-six,

One may note from the Sankalpa or Resolution a Hindu chants for a function includes the Line.

Jambo Dweepe.,Bharata Varshe, Bharatakkande’

‘KANDA ‘ Means Continent.

As Kanda has already been mentioned, Varsha must be larger than this but smaller than Jambudweep.

There is a view that Jambudvipa means ‘beginning from Kashmir’

The Term Jamboo means a Tree bearing a Fruit of the same name, a type of Blackberry.

I do not see any connection between this Blackberry and Kashmir..

As the text goes on to describe the geographical locations, it must be indicative of a Large Mass of Earth,smaller than a Planet, bigger than a continent.

Again the Ancients Texts mention ‘Milechas’ indicating people beyond the Bhartakanda, but not approved by the Bharatvarsha and are declared to be unfit to be called as decent as Human Beings.

Some subscribe to the view that the term Milecha means the early European tribes, including the Americans.

I do not think so.

Texts also mention about these tribes as Nomads differentiating them from those who are unfit.

So the Jambudweep must mean(Dweepa means Continent) ,a large Island Continent, possibly Atlantis.

Lemuria has been included in the Dravidian land Mass.

Now I have information from a site that lists 76 Kingdoms.

More information is welcome.