Demon Or Hindu Goddess Watches Unborn Baby? Scan Video

Scan photo appears to show a creepy figure watching over the foetus Imgur user posted image of a 'friend's baby' from an ultrasound in June One million people viewed it and hundreds debated what it looked like Ultrasound technician could offer no explanation for the strange figure

Pregnancy timeline-BBC-Video.

Great Read. Story: In the UK pregnancy is calculated from the first day of the woman's last period so for as much as three weeks of this first month she might not be actually pregnant. The fertilized egg begins as a single cell which quickly multiplies to form an embryo as it travels towards the … Continue reading Pregnancy timeline-BBC-Video.

Fetal Recall?–Memory in Utero

Arjuna the process of entering the Padma Vyuha, the conversation stopped and both went about their daily chores. Later after a few years, Arjuna's son goes to war along with his father and enters into Padma Vyuha,who was the only one ,apart from Arjuna , to know how to enter, and perishes as he did not know as to how to get out of it.What was taught while he was in the womb is explained here.