313 World Languages From India World Migration from Bharatvarsha 

There are about 445 living Indo-European languages, according to the estimate by Ethnologue, with over two-thirds (313) of them belonging to the Indo-Iranian branch.The most widely spoken Indo-European languages by native speakers 

Tamil Elam In Iran Elamites

1.Tamil kings were present during the Swayamvara of Nala and Damayanthi,Lord Rama. 2.Shiva worship in the South preceded Vedic Texts. 3.Thiruvannamalai is 3.9 Million years old. 4.Tirupathi is 2100 million years old. 5.There is a million year old Tamil site near Chennai. 6.Jwalapuram near Cuddapah, Telengana is 74000 years old where Nataraja Idol is found. 7.Agastya's travel to South India has beeb documented at around 5000 BC and another around 21 000 years ago.