Temple Where The Devi’s Groin Fell Sankari Devi Tricomalee

There are different versions of the Sakti Peetas. Please read my  Post’Is kanchi Kamakshia Satkti Peeta?’ I plan to post  first on Shankaracharya version of the 18 Peetas. One Shakti Peeta, according to Adi Shankaracharya, is  in Tricomalee or Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. The part of Sati Devi which fell on this place is the groin.…… Continue reading Temple Where The Devi’s Groin Fell Sankari Devi Tricomalee

Forms Of Shakti Worship

Women are accorded the highest respect in the Vedas and the Goddess worship was of primary importance to the Hindus.

Not only that, women Seers like Maitreyi were very popular

The Vedas mention Shakti in different aspects.

Durga ,the giver of Strength and destroyer of Evil Forces(this later became the worship of Kali),

Laxmi, the Provider of Wealth, and

Sarasvati, the Repository of Knowledge.

There are Five important Sukthas,

Purusha Suktham,

Narayana Suktha,

Vishnu Suktham,

Sri Suktham and

Durga Suktham.

Of the Upa Suktham we have the Saraswati Suktham.

Later the worship of Sakthi became two kinds.

Mantra and Tantra.

In the Mantra worship , Devi is worshiped through the Mantras while in the Tantra form She is worshiped through Mystical symbols.

Please read my post on Samayin and Kaulamarga-link provided at the end of the post.

The uniqueness of Hinduism is that one can worship God in any Form one pleases or likes.

Mother, Daughter.

Shakti Worship Methods Devi Upasna


The worship of the female principle is one of the basic tenets of Hinduism

Sri Vidya

Right from the Vedas, where the one of the Fundamental principles elaborated is Prakriti, the Female principle.

This, in conjunction, by mere Sparsa, meaning touch, slight rubbing, grazing,the word Sparsa is difficult to translate, with Purusa, the male principle is the cause for the evolution of this illusory world of Names and Forms.

Shaiva Siddhanta has two aspects Shiva and Shakti.

Lord Vishnu is described as the Ultimate Conjurer,in His Maya Form.

Samkhya Philosophy also speaks of Prakriti.

Prakriti is Nature ,

It is the Potential energy.

Kinetic Energy is The Purusha.

Yoga Sasra describes the Kundalini as a female.

Lalitha Sahasranama startts with the salutation, The Mother,-Sree Matha, Maharjne SrimadSrimad Simhasaneswari’

The worship of Devi is considered very effective and the methods of worship are strict and are tough.

So varied have been the forms of worship and methods that Adi Shankaracharya classified Shaakatam as a part of Shanmatha.