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Darwinian Interpretation Of Dasavathara Incorrect

Charles Darwin Caricature.

The other point is that if Matsya is the beginning of Evcolution, then nothing else should have existed along with it.
But we have Manu, a Human being existing when Matsya Avatar took place and it was the Matsya that advised Manu to meditate.
Therefore the interpretaion of Dashavatara in terms of Darwinism is incorrect as Darwinism is not proved and interpretaion of Hindu theory of evolution as found in the Puranas is incorrect.

97% Human Genes Are From Extra Terrestrials

Human Genome project.jpg

I have published an article that the ET, Beings from the Outer Space could have visited Earth and altered our Genes.

There have are researches going on on ET including whether the Human Genes are some things that might have in common with other living organisms including the ET.

97 % of our non sequence Genes are from the ET , Genome Projects study says.

Mysterious Unknown Animals Photo Essay

A mysterious primate resembling a monkey was spotted in a Park UK.

But it is doubtful if it is a Monkey.

There are lots of instances where hitherto unknown animals have been found.

I do not know what Darwinian would say to this.

I have been already labelled as antiDarwin and an ignoramus in comments in Times of India , when people could not reply my queries.

Let me add further by posting a Photo Essay on the animals hitherto unknown.