Europeans European Languages from India Sanskrit?

When one delves deep into the ancestors and the languages spoken by them leads to Franks,Huns,Gauls,Vikings and Celts.

It is accepted that all the languages had their link to Celt.

France had the influence of Franks , a Germanic tribe and I had written earlier that Huns who preceded Franks were from Bh

Irish , ‘People(s) / Tribe(s) Of the Goddess Danu’

Giving birth to Celtic culture, the sacred mother Danube river was named for the Celtic mother Goddess Danu. Danu is also the name of an early Hindu mother Goddess of primeval waters. The descendants of the Goddess Danu, in both Celtic and Hindu culture, are called Children of Danu.

Celts Ancestors of French English Worshiped Kali?

In Burgundy, France, a site has been excavated and it contains the image of Kali in a winemixing vessel.
Goddess Kali is an Amsa of the Devi.

In Devi worship , Tantra Shastra, advocates certain practices that include drinking.

Lioness is the Vechicle of Devi.

Notice the tongue protruding as in Kali’s Image.

Celts Were Brahmins Danube Is Danu

The Druids of the ancient Celtic world have a startling kinship with the brahmins of the Hindu religion and were, indeed, a parallel development from their common Indo-European cultural root which began to branch out probably five thousand years ago. It has been only in recent decades that Celtic scholars have begun to reveal the full extent of the parallels and cognates between ancient Celtic society and Vedic culture.