Bhima’s Seat Bhimbetka Oldest Cave Shelter

One more addition to the Geological evidence about the Mahabharata.

We have a place in Madhya Pradesh, Bhimbetka, ‘Bhima’s Seat’

It is a Rock shelter, presumed to be the oldest in the world.

It is declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Wives Sons Yudhishtra Bhima Arjuna Nakula Sahadeva


Married Devika, the daughter of Govasana of the Saivya tribe, and begat upon her a son called Yaudheya.


Balandhara(daughter of the king of Kasi),Chedi king Sisupala’s sisterand Hidimbi , a Rakshasi.

Bhima had three sons from his three wives – Ghatotkach from Hidimbi, Sutasoma from Draupadi, and Sarvaang from Balandhara


Yogi Burns No Harm To Him

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