Weapons List Of Mahabharata Podcast

One of the three Great weapons of Mass destruction, others being Brahmastra, Pasupatasta, Narayanstra would destroy anything and the only way to escape its wrath is to drop all the weapons and prostrate before it.

Weapons Used In Ramayana List

I have written on the weapons used in Mahabharata.

Here is a list of weapons used in Ramayana.

Danda chakram (a circular weapon),
Dharma chakram,
Kaala chakram,
Vishnu chakram,
Indra astram,
Vajra astram,
Maha shoolam,
Brahma shiro namaka astram,

Brahmastra Design Detail Has Mercury Fire Cosmic Poison

Astra, the ones that carry weapons of Mass Destruction on the one hand and another devastating the enemy and his land with specific calamity Like Fire, Rain, Storms and psychological variety like Mohanastra which renders people unconscious, and Sammohanatsra which leaves one confused.

BrahmaSirōnāmāstra Counter To Brahmastra, The Nuclear Weapon

Weapons are of two kinds. One is called Sastra ,another Astra. While Sastras denote conventional weapons like Bow and Arrow,Mace(Gatha)`,Swords of different type..., Astra denote weapons that are energized by Mantras. Some of these Astras do not  any supportive conventional weapon like Bow and Arrow. Mere uttering of the words will do. Another type is … Continue reading BrahmaSirōnāmāstra Counter To Brahmastra, The Nuclear Weapon