Bells Theorem Hinduism Quantum Mechanics

Another example.

We are familiar with Ultra Slow Motion cameras used in Cricket Matches.

Umpires use this to determine to take decisions on the field.

What is seen cleanly as ‘out’ is ‘not out’, when you refer these slow motion replays.

Which fact that is presented is correct?

Universe Illusion A Hologram Physicists Meet Adi Sankara

‘Brahma satyam jagat mithya, jivo brahmaiva naparah—”Brahman is the only truth, the world is unreal, and there is ultimately no difference between Brahman and individual self’-Adi Sankara in Viveka Chudamani

Declared Adi Sankara, the greatest exponent of non Dualism or Advaita,

Knowledge is relative,There are two kinds of Knowledge.

One is Para Vidya which id Eternal and another is Apara Vidya, that is transitory, that is of this temporal world.

From the Absolute stand point the knowledge we have here in this world, including Science et al is only Real till Real Knowledge dawns.

Then it becomes Illusory.

So the word is real and Unreal or Illusion , both at the same time.

Hinduism speaks of fourteen levels of existence.

Eleven have been proved theoretically by Quantum Physics.

Top Mistakes Uncertainty Thy Name Is Science

Science, the protagonists often claim , is the authority on everything and what it says is the truth .

if so, why there has been so many revisions and in many a case total negation and repudiation of what has been theorized earlier.

The operative word is ‘theory’.

Science, in my view, is just that, nothing more.

List of mistakes by Science/Scientists(even this likely to change as what is said to incorrect may be called as correct later).

The Religious Are Less Intelligent, Really?

It erupts periodically emitting Solar Flares.

The Sun exerts its Gravity to keep earth in i s orbit.

The Sun will die in about a Million years.

That’s all.

Now the people who laid the foundation of science are fools, less intelligent

The following idiots .were Religious.

Those who know Science and Philosophy are aware that most Philosophers and Scientists were Religious and believers in God.

Example, Rene Descartes,the Founder of Calculus and Trigonometry.

Spinoza, the man who gave Spinoza’s Theorem.

Leibniz of Leibniz Theorem,

Emmanuel Kant,Giant in Mathematics and Philosophy.

Albert Einstein, Theory of Relativity,

Thomas Babington Macaulay, the man who is reported to have recorded a Highest IQ.

Creative Giants like Shakespeare, Milton,William Wordsworth,

Great Military strategists Alexander the Great,Napoleon Bonaparte.

I am deliberately omitting fools like Sri Adi Shankaracharya,Varahamihira, Arya Bhatta,Charaka,Vararuchi, Susrutha,Kalidasa,Patanjali …….

It is easy for a fool to deny.

It wisdom something to prove.

It is easier to deny facts by saying I have not seen it.

But believe in a great Grand Father whom one has not seen.