What Is Mantra, Definition Explanation

What we perceive intially,when we come into contact with objects, is a jumble of various inputs conveyed to us by various organs like Eyes,Ears... This reaches the Mind as unconnected stimulii At this level,Mind just collects information , without collating them,categorising them. The next level of Mind,Buddhi collates the information,categorises them,tags them as correct or incorrect from a factual point of view and also passed value judgements like Good or Bad.

Word Reveals World Deeparadhana Mantra Gauri Mimaaya

Mantras grasped by the Sages point the Reality through Sound. There are many sounds grasped thus, starting from Gayatri to various Sukthas. There is a Mantra in the Vedas which serves as a key to all these Sounds.