Pope Francis Wants Falklands Back’ Britain, Usurpers’

The new Pope Francis, an Argentinian, has declared '“Las Malvinas are ours. He urged people “not to forget those who had fallen during the war” as they had “shed their blood on Argentine soil” Pope Francis has been a vocal and passionate supporter of his country’s claim on the Falkland Islands, known as Las Malvinas to Argentinians. In April last year, at a memorial mass in Buenos Aires 30 years on from the Falklands conflict, he said: “We come to pray for all who have fallen, sons of the homeland who went out to defend their mother, the homeland, and to reclaim what is theirs, that is of the homeland, and it was usurped.” And a year earlier, he urged people “not to forget those who had fallen during the war” as they had “shed their blood on Argentine soil” Not that his relation with the present Argentinian is cozy..far from it. He is against Gay marriage. When the Cardinal urged parishioners to join a campaign he called "God's war" against gay marriage, Ms.Kirchner , Argentinian President,,compared his tone to the Middle Ages and the Inquisition. Previously, in a snipe at Cardinal Bergoglio, Mr Kirchner reportedly said: "Our God is everyone's, but careful because the Devil also reaches everyone - those who wear trousers and those who wear cassocks." Despite their differences, the Cardinal called for the Argentine people to pray for Mr Kirchner when he died in October 2010. Now this statement on Falklands, where a referendum has taken place about 4 days ago on its status. Britain, though outwardly cool awaits the result of the Referendum. Hope it has not manipulated the Referendum process. Britain formed a new sect of Christianity because the Catholic pope did not allow a king to marry when his wife was alive. Let's see if the Pope creates a new Britain. outside Britain. Anyway, we can find Britain squirming in the coming years.

Find Out,Slave Or Slave Owner Database

Now Britons can find out if their Ancestors were slave owners  by accessing database where details are listed for compensation was paid to the 'Owners' for losing their 'possessions!" Recently there was a huge uproar in India when James Cameron, the British PM refused to apologize for Jalianwallabagh massacre. I posted a blog observing that if the … Continue reading Find Out,Slave Or Slave Owner Database

Shadow World Of Arms 2 Communist Countries End User Certificates.

The Importing Country places on an order on the Exporting Country/a Manufacturer in that Country. The order is scrutinized by the Defense and Foreign Department of the Exporting Country and if found in order , then the order is through. But nothing is perfect in the world. We have Separatists like Batista, LTTE (till recently) and a host of local out fits who wage wars against States. The Exporters are lured by the money and they sell. And though there are no communist Regimes now, save China, USSR, North Korea and a few others. They sell still for ideology. Then we do have individuals, Loosely linked terrorists and Terrorist out fits. The want to buy. The Arms manufacturing countries lured by the money and taking into account their Geo- political calculations sell Arms to these people. They can not sell these direct . To fill in the void came Arms Dealers.

Shadow World Of Arms 1 Major Suppliers Reasons

At the practical level, as the investment is huge for these Industries and you can not afford to keep them idle, they are continued to be manufactured. But the requirement for the Country's consumption is limited. Continuous production implies additional investments, that too ,on a large-scale is required. So the countries that manufacture Arms, export, though paying lip service to" Ban of Arms exports'. Main Arms Suppliers are :US,Canada,Britain,France,Italy,West Germany(with certain banned manufactures under 1954 Paris Treaty,Sweden,Switzerland, Spain,Belgium, Israel and South Africa. Of these Western nations, Sweden and Switzerland are neutral Countries, bu still they make finest Weapons. Israel and South Africa, unsure of their stand in the world of Importing Arms because of their peculiar political situations , have their own Industries. The other countries are linked by NATO Treaty. The mutual export and Import is not a problem for them. Smaller countries requiring import from any of these countries have to get cleared by the War Office and the foreign Office of the respective countries they want to import from. Major West European Suppliers.

Pregnant Kate Middleton In Bikini Live Updates.

First came Kate Middleton's  Vagina flash. Now comes she was caught in Bikini while pregnant. Italian magazine 'Chi' ( in , a language of India means 'revolting'!) published a Photo of a pregnant (Kate Middleton in Bikini. Australia's Woman's Day have confirmed they will also publish pregnant Kate photos The Italian gossip magazine Chi has published the photographs, splashing images of … Continue reading Pregnant Kate Middleton In Bikini Live Updates.