Lord Vishnu Took River Cauvery His Mother Thiruindhalur

Indhu means the moon. As Lord Visnu received Chandra (Moon) from his curse, this place is known as Indhaloor. Lord Narayana gave dharsan as Vennchudar perumal in the standing posture to the Moon god in Thalaisangaadu. But here at this place he is in Veera Sayanam posture.There he was full of light being as Vyomajyothi piran. … Continue reading Lord Vishnu Took River Cauvery His Mother Thiruindhalur

Where Seven Preceptors, 7Gurus,Brahma Vishnu Are Present

This is the only Temple where The Trinity of Hinduism ,Brahma Vishnu ans Siva are worshiped in the same premises, each with a separate Temple in the precincts. Here you have all the Seven Gurus, Jupiter.Sarasvati is seen with Brahma. Saturn, Sani will never spare any one, including the Trinity. Even Lord Siva was caught,he was made to be beg and Lord Vishnu had to hide in the stem of a Lotus! The exceptions are Anajaneya and Ganapathi. In this temple, Lord Sani is found before Ganapathi and Anjaneya(Hanuman). Legend has it that those who worship Sani will be relieved of their sufferings.

Brahma’s Temple Forms The Base Of A Triangle,Tirupattur

One may note the fact that, in Christianity 'The Wages of Sin is Death' while in Hinduism 'The wages of Sin is Birth' as birth is the cause of everything including death. Three Temples are located inTirupattur.

Where Siva’s Cosmic Dance Was Performed

There are five places where Lord Siva , legend  has it, performed the Thandava, The Cosmic Dance.   Universe  is Motion, in the ultimate analysis.   The developments in the field of Astrophysics and Astronomy will vouch for it.   The Motion is what sustains the Universe.   Please some images in this post under … Continue reading Where Siva’s Cosmic Dance Was Performed

Suriyanar Koil Where Deities Lay Down Their Arms

Hinduism has elaborated on the planets and their system os Astronomy is at least 5000 years old. According to them , there are only Nine Planets. Two planets called Rahu and Ketu are called 'Chaya Grahas-Shadow Planets' amidst the Navagrahas.(Nine Planets) Each Planet is ascribed with qualities,designated with Dresses, food that should be offered to them.