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Thenkalai Origin Details History of Vaishnavism Part 4

When people Worship as ordained by Vedas, simultaneously they also worshipped in the local language,mother tongue. The Bhakti Bhava is more compatible with one's mother tongue. Hence many Saints practicing Bhakti Yoga,left behind their experiences of Godhood in Local languages. These remain at the regional level and are practiced even today. Thus we have Bengal ,Assam,Odisha following the Bhakti Bhava practices from Bengali and Oriya primarily in the East,North East of India. In the West Marathi Bhava is in place.

Vaishnavam History Part 2 Siva First Devotee Advaita Vaishnavam

Shiva, who has the Shaivismschool dedicated to his worship as the Supreme God, is the first and foremost Vaishnava, or follower of Vishnu

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Ayyangar Vadakalai Thenkalai Vaishnavam History Part 1

It is said that Vedas follow Vishnu,while Vishnu Follows Tamil,alluding to the fact that,while the idol of Vishnu is in procession, those who chant Tamil Hymns from NalayiraDivya.Prabhabandha,precede the Idol,while Those who chant Vedas follow behind the Idol

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Types Of Vaishnava Sampradayas History of Vaishnavam 3

Basically Vaishnavas worship Vishnu to the exclusion of all other Deities, though Puranas insist that this is not correct. Even among the Vaishnavas, there are different Sampradayas. They are four in number traditionally. Sri Sampradaya which is the Sampradaya of Lakshmi Philosophy: Vishishtadvaita ("Qualified Monism/Non dualism"), espoused by Chidachida Visishtam Ramanujacharya