Tamil Grammar Tholkappiyam Refined Improved Sanskrit Grammar?

He was a disciple of Agastya,who wrote Vedic Hymns,a scholar in Sanskrit,Agathyam ,Tamil Grammar, Tholkaapiyar expresses his desire to streamline Tamil, It is highly probable that he wrote Tholkaapiyam ,refining Aindhiram as it was becoming obsolete,disappearing. Tamil Grammar Thokappiyam might be a refined,improved Aindhiram of Sanskrit Grammar.

I Am a Brahmin Sanskrit Scholar Tolkappiar Tamil

The politician is a Dalit, These people destroy the fabric of the society for they know nothing of the rich culture of Tamil and its traditions. Let us see who Tolkaapiyar is from....? Tolkappiyar himself. In his preface to Tolkaapiyam he writes,