How Sound Is Born From Eight Organs Tholkappiyam Tamil Explains

The purpose of this article is to explain the scientific basis on which Indian culture, languages evolved.

Tamil,as I wrote earlier,backed by evidence,dates back to between 30,000 to 100,000 years!

Runs parallel to Sanskrit.

To know more of this kindly Google Tamil+ramanan50, Sanskrit ramanan50, Tamil Sanskrit ramanan50.

Basis Of Tamil Sounds In Vedas Sanskrit Tholkappiyam

So I gave up trying to find out which is older, Tamil or Sanskrit, with the conviction that both go back to very vast stretches of Time, both quote each other.

Carnatic Music From Tamil Music Pann 103?

There are 103 Panns.

Today  21,24 or 27 are used in Temples.

There are 72 Mela Kartha Raagas in Carnatic Music.

Please read my article on this.

Tamil is unique in that it assigns a particular Pann to one landmass.

There are five landscapes described.

Tamil Grammar Tholkappiyam Refined Improved Sanskrit Grammar?

Quote of a Czech scholar on Tholkaapiyam

He was a disciple of Agastya,who wrote Vedic Hymns,a scholar in Sanskrit,Agathyam ,Tamil Grammar,

Tholkaapiyar expresses his desire to streamline Tamil,

It is highly probable that he wrote Tholkaapiyam ,refining Aindhiram as it was becoming obsolete,disappearing.

Tamil Grammar Thokappiyam might be a refined,improved Aindhiram of Sanskrit Grammar.

Why Love Happens Tamil Answers

While marriage as an institution was given its due, Tamils were practical in assigning a place for love and have laid certain rules,, for Love!

This is Called Kalaviyal,களவியல், Kalavu,one of its meaning ,is on the Sly.

I shall be posting on this later.

What does Tamil say on Love happening?

Tamil acknowledges that neither marital status nor finanicial one has anything to do with it.

It happens to all at any age.