Mantra For Offering Food To Crows.

The offering of food to Crows , is not limited to Sraddha days. Food has to be offered to Crows daily. Food has to be offered to Deities daily. Freshly cooked food is to be offered. There are different views on whether one can offer the food offered to Deities, Naivedya, can be offered to Crows as Crows represent Pitrus

Free Will or Determinism?

Sraddha Rules How Face,Sit,Perform Homa,For Whom How Many Apasthamba Sutra

On How

To sit,

Which direction to face at various point of time during Sraddha,

Light fire for homa,

How many ahutis,

For whom...These are all set out by Sage Apasthamba in Apasthamba Gruhya Sutra.

Sraddha additional information and Sraddha Samayal.

1. Payasam
2. Thayir Pachidi
3. Vazhaikaai curry
4. Kootu
5. Poritha kuzhambu/Moorkuzhambu
6. Rasam
7. Dhal for serving
8. Thuvayal
9. Inji-Maangaai Pickle