Eighty Varities Of Dravidian Tamil Among Indian Tribes

attempts to show a connection with the Indo-European tongues, Mitanni, Basque, Sumerian, or Korean. The most promising and plausible hypothesis is that of a linguistic relationship with the Uralic (Hungarian, Finnish) and Altaic (Turkish, Mongol) language groups

Tamil Sangam Dates 4140 to 14,000 BC

Assuming ,at the most conservative level ,that the Tsunami struck immediately before Silappadikaram period,which is unlikely as to reconstruct the Land and take the language to classical level of Silappadikaram would have required at least five thousand years,we can assign the last Tsunami at 14,000 BC.

And taking the account of Tamil classics for the duration of each Sangam at ( there is novreason to doubt this as their version about Third Tsunami is validated,

Indian Tsunami Tamil Sangam Dates Astronomy Verified

The third Sangam lasted for 1850 years.

Agastya 5000 BC

First Sangam-5000 -4400= 600 BC

Second Sangam-600-3700=3100 AD.

* For a language to develop and to attain highly complex Grammar and Classical Literature the language should have evolved at least 1000 years earlier.

** These dates agree with the dates of Ramayana.

So Tamil language should have been used at least by 4000BC

Valmiki A Siddha Fore Runner In Tamil Sangam

Valmiki, according to Tamil, wrote three works,

Ramayana in Sanskrit,

Vanmikiipathinaaru, Sixteen verses of Valmiki, and

a Poem in Puranaanooru in Tamil.

He also participated in the Tamil Sangam.

He commanded so much respect for his scholarship in Tamil , that the earliest Tamil Grammar work in Tamil, Tholkaapiyam, quotes his works, along with that of Lord Shiva as Primary Tamil Education.

Tamil was classified into Primary,Intermediary and Secondary.