Varnas Caste Tamil Lexicon 16 Century Agrees With Vedic Concept

பசுக்காத்தல்(* Protecting Cows, Wealth), பொருளீட்டல்( Acquisition of Wealth), பயிரிடல்( Trilling), புராணாதிகளையோதல்(Studying Puranas and Ithihasas), ஈதல்(Philanthropy ), அந்தணா முதலியோர்க்கு அநுகூலமாகிய தொழில் செய்தல்( Engage in Works that would help others including Brahmins) * Protecting Cows indicates protection of weak people, including Cows(Among animals)

Tamil Epic Silappadikaram Quotes Harivamsa Of Vyasa ,Bhasa

And the description of this nature is found in Balacharitha by Bhasa in Sanskrit in a Drama form.This description is found in Harivamsa too.Following are the relevant lines in Silappadikaram.

Tamil King Cheralaathan Fed Mahabharata War Armies Evidence

the Tamil text is clear in stating that the war was between the hundred on the one side and Five on the other,;that hundred died.