Chola Emblem Tiger found in Flags Rings

History of Tamil Chozha Kings List From 5100 CE Karikal Valavan

Udhiyan Cheralaathan date based on Mahabharata reference about his presence in the War, is around 5600 BC. Karikalan defeated him  at Battle of Venni. Therefore, Karikal Chozhan was a contemporary of Perunchotru Udhiyan Neduncheralaathan. Karikal Chola' s date ,therefy, is around 5600 BC.

Cho La Pass named Karikal Chola

Chola Pass Himalayas After Karikal Chola Gazette Notification 1885

Not only that,he created a Mountain Pass/ passed through a Himalayan Pass.This is recorded in Tamil Literature Silappadhikaram and Periya Puranam.While Silappadhikaram dates back to the period of Sangam Literature,Periya Puranam, a Religious Work that deals with the Lives Shiva Devotees, belongs to middle ages.

Karikal chola astride Elephant.image.

Karikal Chozha North Indian Expedition Details

After subduing the south Karikala went on an expedition to the north and engraved his tiger emblem in the Himalayas. The king of the great Vajra whose sway extended as far as the roaring sea (in the east), gave him a pearl canopy as a tribute while the king of Magadha famous for his sword-play

Kingdoms of Ancient India

Rajendra Chola Conquered Pala Empire Bengal 1020 AD

He brought Ganga Water and had an Abhishek performed for Siva in Thiruloki temple on the  southern bank of River Kollidam.