Restore 14 Century Andal Idol Los Angeles Museum Request Information

Can someone in Los Angeles get more information on how the museum had come in possession of Andal Idol so that we can consider bringing it back?

Essence Of Devotion Bhakti Twelve Azhwars of Tamil Overview

Goosebumps all over,Flowing Tears from the eyes,

Overflowing Bliss makes one lose one's mind,

Failed words, all these make one lose balance,

If these be the Divinity of Abhirami Experience,may it be the Best'

Azhwars have also explained on similar forceful lines of Divine Experience.

Will be writing on them individually.

Who Has The Courage Of Andal To Address Vishnu Thus

When Tamil takes postion on this?

The result is exquisite.

There are many who have treated God as a Lover, meera Bahi an example.

Andal, an Azhwar by her own right steals the show in this lover role Nayaka Nayaki Bhava.

Her yearning for Vishnu, Krishna is something ephemeral and would melt one's heart without being erotic.