Half A Million Hits In WordPress

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This blog has reached Half a Million Hits as of to Day 17/04/2012.

As I wrote earlier I started writing for the pleasure it gives me,spending nearly 10/11 hours a day.

My people at Home are relieved as I won’t pester them for 10 hours!

Numbers do not really count.

Still, one feels at peace with himself that his voice had been heard and is being heard.

I used the term ‘peace’ deliberately.

The urge to write and the relief one gets after writing is to be felt.

Not that I create Literature,even good prose.

But the relief I get turns into pleasure when people read what I write.

Thank You, Readers.

To Statistics.

Of the 203 Followers of my blog only Seven(7) are from India!

I assumed that I will have more of Readers from India.

But as Alexa.com reveals, the blog has 71.8% readership in India!

So based on this, I assume what I write is being read more in India, but superscriptions are from elsewhere.

Therefore, what I Write about may not interesting for Readers to follow my blog in India.

As I write as I feel i will not attempt to change the trend.

However for the past one week, the percentage of visitors from the US is inching closer to India.

‘Ramanan50.wordpress.com’s three-month global Alexa traffic rank is 449,194. Visitors to the site view 2.9 unique pages each day on average. Compared with the overall internet population, the site’s users tend to be aged under 25 and 45–65, and they tend to be both high- and low-income, childless men browsing from home who have postgraduate educations. The fraction of visits to Ramanan50.wordpress.com referred by search engines is approximately 17%, and visitors to it spend about 80 seconds on each pageview and a total of seven minutes on the site during each visit.”


By looking at the Tag Details provided by WordPress Statistics, Category under ‘News‘ ,followed by ‘India’ gets most of the Readership.

The major problem I faced in creating Content was/is the one relating to posting an Image’Slide Show’

I never knew how to use the Options available in the Image tabs.

I used to’ attributes’, ‘details’ and ‘alternate text’  area leave Blank.

I ,while posting from another url, failed post the Link url.

I checked with WordPress Support blogs also referred to Google Web Master Tools.

Then I understood the value of these points.

Failure to post these details reduces the visibility of your Blog.

These and a host of other details,one can get from Google Web Master Tools by checking up Crawling details.

One can also get these details from www. woorank.com. ( about the image details missing)

The next is tagging.

Tagging is always a problem,one gets confused between Categories and Tags.

WordPress blog on Tagging has guided me.

For Tagging, Zemanta is the best available resource and Google’s Blog on Tagging also helps.

I write about these points as there may be a lot of Quality Content that may go unnoticed,because of mistakes like these

I am still learning, committing mistakes and stumbling on.

I would like to record my thanks to WordPress,their Support Team(who patiently and swiftly attended to my needs),Zemanta,Alexa and Google Web Master Tools.

Not the least, to the Readers and Followers.


12 responses to “Half A Million Hits In WordPress”

  1. lavernjdewilde Avatar

    To monetarize, add “contributions” and a system like “paypal to receive funds”.


    1. ramanan50 Avatar

      Thank you.


  2. krish43 Avatar

    Congradulations Mr Venkatramanan on your achievement. Keep it up.


  3. Manikandan Avatar

    Dear Sir, am basically from tamil nadu, and currently living in madhya pradesh, can I give devesam to my mother in ujjain or omkareshwar instead of rameshwar? this is my mother’s first devesam. please advice.


    1. ramanan50 Avatar

      You can perform this at Ujjain.


  4. Mohan Kalkinathan Avatar
    Mohan Kalkinathan

    Dear Shri Ramanan sir, You are doing a great job please keep up your work. You will not get replies to your posts from India as Indians are steeped in ego for sure,they think they know all , hence continue your nish kama karma, you rather have a job allotted by the Divinity to reveal things openly, but to whom the message should reach is not your prerogative is what i think.I have been struggling in FB and whats app to impart great spiritual knowledge but when it comes to spiritual information very few only put likes none even volunteer to comment is the truth.I started this work in 2013 have 4600 friends but to no avail. Every person who joined the group or sees the posts are interested to popularise or post their own stuff to satisfy their own ballon sized egos. Anyhow good luck you can reach me at my whats app +91 9148083134 or email id mohankalkinathan@gmail.com I have had contacts with the venerable Rishis of Yore since 1976 through my master and i speak on that knowledge imparted to me , did Giru kula vas for 7 years till the MASTER attained Samadhi


    1. Athmanathan Seetharaman Avatar
      Athmanathan Seetharaman

      I read your comments on Ramani’s blog. Will you help me to locate who was dravideswara the Vaivasvata Manu who found the fish ( Maha Vishnu) while doing ablutions on the banks of Kritamala river according to Matsya Purana. Kritamala is either Vaigai river or Tamraparani. Please clarify. I will be grateful to get a reply from you.
      Kindly oblige with copy of proof. athma.1947@yahoo.com


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