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The site is not accepting any advertisements save the ones by WordPress, who are hosting the Blog.

I have not gone in for own site because I am so sentimentally attached to that I do not want to migrate to even

I have not accepted advertisements because I am a little conservative in accepting ads as my personal views on the type of ads to appear in my site,which I know ,will not be acceptable to the advertisers.

And I would be constrained in my writing.

Though I am not a very influential Blogger,I was approached by political parties to write favorably of them and slander the others.

Even before bringing this to my notice, my son-in-law, as he informed me the same night the offer was made, informed them that Father(me) does not plan his writing, he writes on the spur of the moment;I am not sure what he will write about you to-day,further, he is not interested in money.

True to my form I had blogged about the same party the day they offered a hefty sum for writing about them!

Then why ads now?

I am interested in helping children who have no financial ..resources, who come from a very poor background and are in need of financial support.

I want to help them by , not paying them in cash, providing them the support in kind and this will be done personally be me, and not through by any Organisation/any body.

The students will be selected personally by me and the help will be provided in kind to the student concerned.

Out of the Donations I receive, I will be spending 50% on this Cause.

The balance , I would have for myself for I am tired of replying people, mostly my children who feel that I should be compensated-that I write for the pleasure of it.

You may also send to my Bank Account or remit through Western Union.

Kindly mail me at

I shall provide the details.

I appeal ,especilly to those who request for Muhurtha Dates to Donate.

Make a Donation.
Donate Through PayPal to the Site.


Neela Megha Shyam .C Rs.5000/ (3/9/2015)

Received US $ 50 ( less PayPal charges) from Sri. Prateek Sharma as Donation on 19th . I would like to thank him. Have not been able to thank him directly as he had not provided his mail.

Click the Image Below for Making a Donation.

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6 responses to “Click To Donate.”

  1. hanumankivi Avatar

    MY E ADRES please contact sanskrit name hollow earth thanks dear freeend


  2. harsha p Avatar
    harsha p

    Read your article sir very good information please keep writing articles for readers like us . You inspire us.


    1. ramanan50 Avatar

      Thank you.I Shall write. Regards.


  3. Shyaam SUNDAR V Avatar

    Dear Human Being, I want to introduce myself as ZERO, for so many years when i get into deep issues of our hinduism you blog is my saviour. You need not justify to anyone of of your act / ideas etc since your actions speak, i have never come across a comprehensive blog with most sacred and accurate images as you do.. If not you then who, From the date of cosmos creation some one is destined by creation to take forward orderly existence and that particular person knows whole heartedly HE IS ONLY A MERE INSTRUMENT IN GOD’s plan. Now it is you. Nice to know you in my LIFE.


  4. Loga muthu krishnan Avatar

    Most Wonderful and shealy marvellous Too.
    I am a 75 Years old Senior Consultant Neuro(Brain(y!)) surgeon – a “nutcracker” as the nickname goes – actively practicing in Chennai, India.
    Googolplex Congrats and Thanx for your wonderful web presence!
    Prof.Dr.K.Loga muthu krishnan “LMK” for short!


    1. ramanan50 Avatar

      Thanks. Regards.


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