Why and What Do I Blog?

I started Blogging in August 2009.

My knowledge of Computer and Internet was and still is sketchy.

In fact my son who is a Senior Business Manager in an IT multinational tried to teach me.

Well.. I could not understand any thing.

I just waned to write.

There are two types of people around me,one that states that my opinions/advice is good and they welcome it, they are a minority)

Majority felt/feel that I offer my opinions on every thing under the Sun whether it is Right or Wrong,Correct or Incorrect.

In Life, I have found that  offering opinions is unwelcome, whether it is sought for or otherwise.

The opinion seeker wants his/her opinion/views, confirmed.

If your opinion is different, unnecessary argument ensues.

I wanted to deal with the problem my way.

Start Blogging.

Nobody can hurt you, for they are not near  you for one, and for another, people tend to accept views /opinions of others who are not close to them.

(For abusive comments,I keep quiet).

Some times I am surprised that people accept my views and do ask my opinions.

Secondly I wanted to be heard.

Whether some one likes or not doesn’t matter.

Gregariousness and being heard is a basic instinct.

Many a Relationship breaks for want of hearing and listening.

What do I blog?

It comes under three categories.

Information I feel is useful to others.

They are linked straightaway to the information,possibly with a couple of reputed links.

Second,I blog on a Story on any subject about which I have some  idea, with my comments.

Thirdly I write on a subject/topic I feel I am proficient( for example Time,Health issues,parenting,Relationships,Indian Philosophy,Hinduism,Christianity,Religion) .

( even this post has Links)

Another point is that I do not know what I am going to write.

I write as the subject appeals to me.

I also contribute comments to Standard Magazines/Newspapers/Journals.

Some times I Blog them with the original story.

The purpose is to share what I feel.

In fact I do not prepare a draft, edit and publish.

I just write  and publish,  at times forget to spell check.

My  brother’s daughter tells me that my writing is forceful and language bordering on violence( in expressing my opinions-she should know ,she was a Professor of Sociology):yet she likes it.

And my copy is raw.

The same view was expressed my by son and many of my friends.

One of my Readers  suggested that my comments  must be longer.

I do not write more than what comes to my mind on the spur of the moment, no deliberation.

Well,I am what I am .

I want to thank Readers and Subscribers and Commenters  on the day of my reaching One lakh Hits.

To top it all,I enjoy blogging .

That’s enough for me.

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59 responses to “Why and What Do I Blog?”

  1. Dear Sir, I am a 50 year’s old man, my career had been full of ups and down as a result financially i am not sound enough to manage my life and family. For the last eight months I am jobless. There are two things which stop me one is I am very hesitant & lack confidence, secondly I have no zeal left for doing anything but I have to survive successfully, please guide some mantra.


  2. iam kalpana 36 yrs mother of two sons.my first son is bharathvaj he is 11 yrs autistic child,my second son is 9 yrs.i read ur reference about virupaksha temple. v all r going there april 29th. i am in search about autism ,my son showed me what autism is.knowing the bliss of autism v r starting residential commune for autistic adults in thiruvanamalai.. our commune is DIVYA RASA temple of love. something i feel v r connected through ramana..want to share things about autism.. can v come and meet u sir..


  3. Sir,just found ur blog …Thursday 5 am in morning….sridakshinamurthaye namah….it’s amazing…reading sm of ur articles made my hair stand up…no exaggeration.i loved the Chidambaram Nataraj article….felt it answered some of my questions I was not finding in pravachans or other sites.reading your articles makes me feel proud to be a hindu


  4. No words to convey my thanks…so many answers here…about spirituals..OM and Great about Shiva Linga in mecca…nice video.. Keep it up… Great JOB…


      • Saw you blog today only. its Really helpful. Please guide me sir

        I booked a flat in chennai during july 2015. It is now ready for possession. but my chithappa ( father’s brother ) -aged 65 – UNmarried expired in the month of August 2015 . my cousin brother ( father’s elder brother’s son ) only did the rituals. Please guide me whether i can do grihapravesam this month ( FEBRUARY 2016)


  5. Dear Sir, I accidentally came across your site while searching for some images. You have some compelling content on your site but perhaps there is a need for better organization etc. Please do let me know if you take help from volunteers to make things better. We can explore and see about making things better for your readers.


    • I agree with you,I need help in this area.,especialy in the lay out,(keeping in mind that the theme has to e mobile friendly) .As I have been writing based on research, the opics need to be reprganised.As the vlolume is high and As I am stil writing , Yes, I need help from volunteers .Help is welcome..You may write to me at ramanan50.gmail.com.Thank you,Regds


  6. I like the rationale behind your blogging. If one has an urge /desire/thought of getting a Sri Yantra Home and just start doing Puja to it is there any harm ? There could also be an urge to recite some beejas/mantras ..why cant one start right away..instead of waiting or searching for aa Guru , which any way with our limited intellect, we cant make out the real ones from the unreal…dosent it make sense to just start and believe that The Mother herself will show the way when time comes ? I understand though that The Yantra must be properly made in Line with Agama saastra etc ..and assume that part is fine.
    Please let me know what your take on this is…once you embark on something ,there are enough people to psyche you and instill fear …do this, dont do this etc etc…with all warnings…it just kills initiative .


    • Thanks and happy to read when you write about this.
      I read an article about swami sivananda talking to disciples…one person asked …where do we find a perfect Guru ? Swami sivananda replied ..not to worry about that .focus on being a perfect disciple first !
      No one questions the authority and experience of a perfect master and the merits of association with them. A perfect master is God himself…and these things happen …just a human volition may perhaps not work here…i thought why not start…If the resolve is true, automatically we will be directed to the next steps in line with our situation. This is what i thought.
      But i would like to read what you have to say .


      • That we will e directed to the next step is ver rare.I have seen that the Guru reaches out to the disciple if one is passionate enough.These things are, in my opinion, beyond reasoning, and I have experienced things beyond reasoning.In my case I was directed to worship Goddess Abhirami , though I hhave been ardent worshiper of Shiva( even now)by mysterious ways. I have an article on this.


      • Thanks. Will read your article as well.. yes it all tends to go beyond reason. I too have been worshiping Shiva but for some strange reason , this exclusivity is not coming, So in addition to the Bana Lingam, we also had a Mahameru …and Puja of Goddess . I was very attracted to Kolhapur Mahalakshmi the moment I saw her eyes in a shop…then we went to Kolhapur, offered Sari , did Archana ..and even went very close to the Godess idol..no one in my family in remotely even connected to Her …I also see that with Siva you can take some liberties …even a silent Abhishekam is enough , But with Devi, the mind automatically tends to be a bit process driven and elaborate. I have more stotrams with on Devi today than Siva !!!
        But I dont want to quickly run to a Guru and start the dos and donts…
        Please continue to write whatever you can share. Thanks


      • I just read your link. The sheer co-incidence of the events will move any one!! Its very good reading. Siva is adi Guru..they say. He will direct ..and perhaps he did direct you to the Goddess . Its wonderful . Thanks for sharing your experience and I hope your wife is keeping well now.


  7. Hello

    Also please write about Havayaka Brahmins of Karnataka. We are a very small community – from Uttara Kanara and Dakshina Kanara districts.

    Thanks in advance


  8. There is so much non-sense written/perpetrated already about the vedic religion (sanathana dharma) by people who wanted to diffuse it. It was also not an easy task for maha-purushas in all 5000-15000 years to revive every-time when the idea was diluted. Some omissions and errors are fine. But any attempt to document and preserve this system for posteriority is critical and noteworthy.


  9. i red in rss magazine that a vedic scholar photo dantabotala viswanath sastry phoo was there in germany frankfurt university can u gather that information and put it on net and ith authentic sources and that photos and pls answer me.

    Atomic Energy-Hitler: As a teenager, I remember the tales by my father and teacher that Hitler called for some Vedic scholars from Rajamundry to visit him in Germany to create atom bombs and rockets as given in some chapters of the Vedas. These bombs exploded at the slightest friction, so he sent for a scholar named Dandibhatla Viswanatha Sastry of Rajamundry, an expert in Atharvana and Krishna Yajurveda to resolve the issue, which he did after studying a few verses from those Vedic chapters. Sri Sastri’s picture can be found in a University in Frankfurt.


  10. Its good to lern about community history. You not included Deshastha Rigvedi Brahmin surname Kashid now living in pandharpur, Naded area of maharashtra, India


  11. Hi Ramanan

    I was searching ”Hanuman’s footprints” and one picture diverted me to your site. I read ”Origin of Thamboola Auspicious Gift Hinduism” and ”Why and What do i blog” I have just browsed some of the others titles you wrote. I am drawn to reading them. Your blog is easy to read and understand. I will read more later. Thanks very much for you blogs.. I like to blog also – my knowledge though is not as great as yours hence I keep it low key. So I learn from you and whenever possible I blog some info about religion. Your English communication skills great – I don’t care about grammatical mistakes although I believe if you see your mistake you correct it. (Mistakes are not deliberate – hence they are called mistakes)… Of course if you were publishing your book you would have proofread it, edited it then published. I have enjoyed what I read so far very much and thank you again ..
    You sound like an honest kindman
    I wish you all the best pls keep blogging

    you new fan and wellwisher
    Julie Nanhoo

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.Please let me have your url.I write on the moment and do not check the Post properly.Hence there are bound to be mistakes.Kindly point out whenever you come across these mistakes.Thank you and Regds


  12. Hi,
    I am looking to Pay advance and Register a Property. 1. Can you suggest me the best Date between 01/06/15 to 15/06/15 Aani Masam, 2. Is that good to pay advance or register the Property in Aani Month.

    My Name: M Krishnamurthy
    DOB: 02/11/1985

    My Wife Name: R Nithiya Subbulakshmi
    DOB: 12/08/1989

    Please suggest your opinion Sir.



  13. I feel happy and fortunate that I came across your blog today(2/5/15) and read many of your articles for more than 2 hrs.Thank You. Very informative as many have expressed.If you dont mind, clarify what ‘ramanan50’ and ‘ramani’ noticed in your blog mean? Is it possible to meet in person at mutually convenient time/place?


  14. Can you talk more about how Vimanas are still in India, under the secret Indian Government, and how USA has used it’s technology?


  15. Hi, I am not much into governmental conspiracies because its Kali Yug, so corruption we can find in everything, if I think about it too much, then I get depressed. Do not worry though about people criticizing your spelling or whatever, this is not important. I think its important to have freedom of expression and also you do have great knowledge of spiritual subjects, which most humanity does not care about. I just do want to say that knowledge is such a relative term, vidya or avidya, it has a different meaning in this time. What was once vidya is now not respected, avidya seems to dominate. This is all over the world, you will find ignorance everywhere. The one great being Bhraman has split up in many illusions and in this age there is so many tamas so we think its better in India or its better in the West, but let me tell you, I have spend time on both sides, its bad everywhere. Divine knowledge is not appreciated on this plane, because Bhrama Loka itself is a place which these days we can maybe only find within. I hope I am wrong. Maybe Bhrama will appear and create something beautiful.


    • There is an option in the IVR.Ring up as usual as in booking foa gas, wait for initial announcement to be completed, you will get an option for changing he Mobile number.


    • I have already taken it up. As the number of posts are more, it takes a little time.
      I have been requesting my readers to intimate me and I have been correcting as and when the mistakes are brought to my notice.
      Thanks for bringing it up.
      Hope there are no mistakes here.


  16. Thanks I am proud to be one of your follower and like to be always let this continue for future generation also


  17. just because you can write something does not make you intelligent. or just keeping quiet does not make one an idiot. please understand that you had so many hits in wordpress, not because your views had been liked, but they searched something and that brought to your blog. one intelligent thing that you have done is your blod had many tags, most of it unrelated that made search engines to choose your blog. please stop making derogatory remarks on any one. do not become the tool of judgement by media . because if media can tell a lie thousand times , then that lie will become truth.
    I do not think that you have even an iota of right to talk about kanchi Acharya. Unless other wise you have a personal involvement in Kanchi MUTT and you very well know about things, with proof, don’t utter anything . derogatory.
    Humble person is always revered . Empty vessels make more noise.


  18. I am glad that i came across your blog. such honest words. looking forward to explore your blog.
    i am enjoying blogging too! it is such a charged atmosphere where everyone is positive.
    See you around!


  19. Thanks very much for your informative posts. I am learning more about Indian historical heritage, which I missed out in younger years. I wish – I had paid more attention to Sanskrit then… You are a treasure-trove of knowledge. Thanks a million for sharing with others.


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