Qutub Minar Built on Hindu Temple, Archeological Survey of India 1871 Report

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I had written earlier about the Qutub Minar being a Hindu temple and Emperor Vikramaditya erected his Vijaya Sthamba there. I am providing more evidence to support my view.

The Report by the First President and Founder of the Archeological Survey of India,Sir Alexander Cunningham,in 1871.

Report von How Qutub Minar was built, on Hindu Temples.Report by Archeological Survey of India
Qutub Minar was built on Hindu Temples. Archeological Survey of India 1871 Report .

Check the link at the end for more images of pages from the book.

1871-72 report prepared by the ASI states that the mosque on the Qutub Minar campus was constructed over Hindu temples

Report was prepared by JD Beglar and ACL Carlleyle in 1871-72 under the supervision of Sir Alexander Cunningham, the founding head of the Archaeological Survey of India. The report states that a mosque was built on the site of a temple. This is because the foundation of the mosque is very old and it shows that previously there was a temple here.

ASI’s ex-regional director Dharamveer Sharma claimed that the Qutub Minar was constructed by Hindu emperor Raja Vikramaditya and not by Qutb al-Din Aibak, to study the direction of the sun. He also said the ancient iron pillar at the complex used to be known as ‘Garuda pillar’ and appears to be from the 5th century. Idols of Hindu deities like Vishnu and Lakshmi made of black stone were found in Mehrauli and are now kept in the National Museum, the former ASI director said, adding that they seem to date back to the 1st century.

The following are some important takeaways from the 1871-72 report:

  1. The pillars are reinstalled in their original locations in the colonnade of a single Hindu temple. Their current height is the same as the original Hindu colonnade.
  2. The terrace on which the mosque currently sits was formerly an untouched Hindu temple platform.
  3. The mosque’s exterior and inner walls are reminiscent of Hindu design; the corner dome is similarly reminiscent of Hindu architecture.
  4. Even if Muslims built the Qutub Minar, its foundations were laid long after the walls of the temple (the current mosque).
  5. The pillar is known as the ‘Arm of Vishnu’. Beglar claims that Hindus own the pillar and that it was built by Prithviraj to allow his daughter to see the Ganges.
  6. The surrounding walls are sculpted with several Vaishnav sculptures, including avatars of deities and Lord Narayan lying in the folds of the serpent, Anantha.
  7. The outer south gate, foundations, and craftsmanship of those superstructures are consistent with the remainder of the Hindu walls.
  8. The inner south gate and the blocks of the sunken pillars are likewise Hindu.
  9. Muslims purposefully covered the Hindu-styled double-cornice with benches of their own design and adjusted the outer enclosure’s floor level.
  10. The masjid’s cloister floor and iron pillar were preserved, but the courtyard’s original Hindu-styled floor was covered up to conceal remains of Hindu temples and inscriptions that may have been there.
  11. Excavation of the inner south gate revealed solely Muslim additions and changes.
  12. Two black slate images of Lakshmi, as well as several archaic clay lamps, were discovered in the trenches.

PC : IndiaToday



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  1. Namaste Sir Just one correction Qutub Minar is not built on Hindu Temple but fact is that there is no qutub minar at all. It is captured Vishnu Dhawaj Stambh an astronomical observatory built by King Chandra and which was used by Great Scientist Varahamihira so our ancient Hindu Monument is still intact needs to be realised and also Central Govt has already started excavation of Vishnu Dhwaja Stambh more reading Qutub Minar is Vishnu Dhwaja Stambh a Scientific Survey by Gopal Godse Ji

    Thanks Shrirang Sudrik Pune Maharashtra Mobile 9011350747

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