Sanyasis Should Not Perform Yagnya?

It takes a lot of effort to remove the misinformation being spread about Sanatana Dharma and it’s Practices. This started from the British Days, with James Mill when he wrote the first book on Indian history sitting in London without stepping out it, misinformation by the Missionaries,self styled scholars like Maxmuller and to this stay the home grown variety of Intellectuals and secularists.

How Indian History Was Distorted, The First History Of India

And who wrote this First Indian History ?

It was by James Mill who wrote the First Book, ‘History of British India’ in 1806…
The book begins with a preface in which Mill tries to make a virtue of having never visited India and of knowing none of its native languages. To him, these are guarantees of his objectivity, and he boldly claims –

A duly qualified man can obtain more knowledge of India in one year in his closet in England than he could obtain during the course of the longest life, by the use of his eyes and ears in India.

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There is wrong information and misinformation. While the first one may be countered easily as it is easily identifiable ,while the latter is difficult as it is presented with some correct information, just Max Muller did.

The image below was posted in FB by a real Seeker for clarification.As the reply in FB may not reach many, I am sharing the correct information here.

shri bhagavan uvacha
anashritah karma-phalam karyam karma karoti yah
sa sannyasi cha yogi cha na niragnir na chakriyah


BG 6.1: The Supreme Lord said: Those who perform prescribed duties without desiring the results of their actions are actual sanyāsīs (renunciates) and yogis, not those who have merely ceased performing sacrifices such as Agnihotra yajna or abandoned bodily activities.

While the meaning is that those who show off as one who is a Yogi ,is not really a Yogi but a pretender, the translation shown in the image conveys the exact and mischievous misinterpretation of the Bhagavad Gita.

Read what a Sociologist has to say on these intellectuals, not an Indian,though,

Fundamentally, the biases don’t creep in (in the indices and rankings) because the ranking organizations are anti-India. They creep in because, and forgive me, India’s intellectual class is anti-India; as a class and not as individuals,” Dr Babones said..

“Uproot Rig Veda” Max Mueller The Fraud’s Quotes

““It (The Rigveda) is the root of their religion and to show them what the root is, I feel sure, is the only way of uprooting all that has sprung from it during the last three thousand years.”-Max Mueller to His wife,in his letter.

Later he also wrote to the Duke of Argyle, the then acting Secretary of State for India:

“The ancient religion of India is doomed. And if Christianity does not take its place, whose fault will it be?”

The Biblical Creation Theory states that the world was created with all its life forms at 9.00 AM, October 23, 4004 BC.

If one goes by the real date of the Rig Veda, arrived at and the establishment of the dates of the Ramayana and Mahabharata being quite ancient , which has been proved and that these dates are real and validated by Astronomical data, it would not suit Christianity.

How Western Scholars Misinterpret Hinduism Max Mueller

If one were to read Indian history, one is struck by a curious fact..

History between the period of Harshavardhana onward to Mogul Emperors is hazy , if not missing.
It becomes clear after this period.

You do not get authentic records or information about the Middle ages, when Tamil and Sanskrit literature were awash with Bhakthi literatue.

For instance one does not find reference of Adi Shankaracharya in either Sanskrit or Tamil literature during this period.

One does not find reference to Shankaracharya even among Sanskrit and even among the records of kings who were ardent promoters of Sanskrit in their chronicles, either written by them or others.

You find this only by the time of Vidyaranya when he established the Vijayanagar Empire.

The information has been so scanty that it took the 33rd Acharaya of Sringeri Sharada Mutt to locate Kalady, the birth place of Shankaracharya!

The Fraud Called Aryan Invasion Proof

those who died i5.The Kings of south India were ardent followers of Vedic Rites.

During the megalithic period of about 1000 BCE – 400 BCE, people of South India including Tamilagam, shared many beliefs and practices of thenative Dravidian religion with the megalithic builders elsewhere in the Indian subcontinent and beyond.The famous 3.5 metre-high granite figure excavated at Mottur, in present-day Vellore district, is considered the oldest known anthropomorphic representation of God in stone in the Tamil countryn the War.

Intellectuals anti-India as class, not as individuals: Sociologist Salvatore Babones
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