Earth Breathes OM’s Resonance @ 7.83 Hz Schumann Resonance Devis Letters Scientific Study

Earth Breathes at OMs Resonance

Value Of Pi To 31 Decimal Places In Krishna Stuthi

The Mantras of Hinduism were grasped intuitively from the Ether, by the Seers,Rishis. As such they have mystical properties in them. They deliver results  whether you know their meaning or not, for Fire will burn you whether you know it or not. It helps to know the meaning for the spiritually inclined. And for the […]

Rig Veda Speed Of Light Precise Than Modern Science

For example, the Indian epic “Mahabharata”, conservatively dated to 400 BC – 400 AD, defines 1 nimesha to be equal to 16/75.3 seconds; 1 yojana is about 9 miles.

This is the same as Modern Science on the Speed of Light.

There s objection to this that Sayana says this about the movement of the Sun and not Light.

Garbhodaki Vishnu Balarama Lakshmana In Quantum Wormhole

Vishnu is often depicted as resting on Shesha. Shesha is also considered a servant as well as a manifestation of Vishnu. He is said to have descended to Earth in two human forms or avatars: Lakshmana, brother of Rama; Balarama, brother of Krishna.

“Shesha” in Sanskrit texts, especially those relating to mathematical calculation, also implies the “remainder” – that which remains when all else ceases to exist.”

I have written a number of articles on the concept of Time in Hinduism which is different from that of the west.

While the Western Science designates Time as Linear, Hinduism calls it Circular and Non Linear(Please read my post Time Non Linear, Cyclic)

Now Quantum theory has proved that Time is not linear.

Hanuman Transported 1991 Km In less Than A Minute Through Wormhole

If one looks at the geography of Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra( which lies in the Deccan plateau right at the center) and Andhra Pradesh, one can find the description by Valmiki about the emergence of Hanuman form the Vindhya range would tally with the geography found now..

Madhya Pradesh to Maharashtra to Andhra, Correct sequence.

Now Swayamprabha transported Hanuman and the Vanara sena through the Vindhya Wormhole.

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