Maternal 🏠 Home Of Subrahmanya Kurukuthurai

Unlike some Religions, Hinduism is a personal one,and not institutionalised.

It is a question of individual choice.

It accepts non believers as well as a part of it,as in the case of Carvakas.

Lord Rama engaged in conversation with Jaabaali,who was a Carvaka,the system that believes that Universe has no case and denies God.

Kurukuthurai Murugan temple.image.

Kurukuthurai Murugan temple .

And the way one realizes God or Self is left to him/her.

The Sruthi, Smriti,both provide guidelines and show the path chosen by those who followed certain procedures and been successful.

It is left to you take it or leave it.

Hinduism is a way of life,not merely a view.

The way one relates to God is left to him/her.

Some can not conceive of Abstract Reality.

So,we have Gods with Name,Form and Attributes.

One relates to God in a way he is comfortable with.

We have people relating to God as,

Father,like Gnanasambhandar,

Mother,as Devi Devotees do,

Child,as Anasuya did,

Friend,as Sundara Murthy Nayanar,

Lover like Meera..

It is also the practice of Hindus to deck up God as they like,

To endow God,the Reality without name and form,with Human attributes,

Quarrel with Him as one would with a fellow human being.

This is what makes Hinduism close to 💓 and it becomes a part of one’s Lifestyle.

In this vein,Lord Subrahmanya is treated as a child.

Subrahmanya is the only God with the Sanskrit ‘su’ to His name, meaning the best.

The word Subrahmanya means Best among Brahmins.


He is the Guru of His Father Shiva.

Yet He is loved as a child.

He is endowed with Human attributes.

Look at the way He is considered as Human being,just as Shiva is considered as the Family elder by Tamil Kings.

Subrahmanya has six important temples,called Arupadai veedu.

One of them is Thiruchendur,where he resides after Sura Samhara and marrying Devasena, daughter of Indra,chief of Devas.

So Thiruchendur is Murugan’s In laws Home.

What about His Maternal Home?

Krukkuththirai, Thirunelveli,Tamil Nadu.

Murugan, Kurukuthurai. Image.
Lord Subrahmanya, Kurukuthurai.

In Kurukuthurai, there are two Murugan temples, one at the bank of the Tamirabarani and another just above it, commonly called “Mela Koil”.
The rocks at Kurukuthurai are called “Thiruvuruvamalai”, and are considered to be ideal for sculpting deities, which is why the Thiruchendur Senthilandavar deity was sculpted here. The sculptor who conceived Senthilandavar sculpted two identical forms, out of which one is consecrated to the Thiruchendur Temple and the other to Kurukuthurai Mela Koil.
So, it’s because the deity was sculpted out of the Kurukuthurai rock that this place is called the Thiruchendur Murugan’s maternal house.
When the Utsav deity (a deity used for processions) was stolen by Dutch thieves, a new one was immediately created by VadaMalaiappa pillai.
In the meantime, the stolen idol was salvaged, and so the newly-made one was erected in Kurukuthurai’

Reference and citation.

Ramasubramanian in Quora.

How to reach.
Kurukkuthurai Murugan Temple is located at about 9 Kms from Thirunelveli, 160 Kms from Thiruvananthapuram and 170 Kms from Madurai. Nearest Railway Station is located at Thirunelveli. Nearest Airport is located at Thiruvananthapuram and Madurai..

About Kurukuthurai temple design.

Even when the Tamirabharani carried over two lakh cusecs of water during the 1992 floods, the temple and the idol withstood its fury majestically while only a few tiles on the terrace alone got damaged.

“This is due to the quality of construction and thoughtfully designed structure by our ancestors. Since the ancient architects had fully understood the nature of the Tamirabharani, especially during floods, the western side wall of the temple has been designed like the front portion of a ship. Hence, even a furious flood does not affect the sturdiness of the structure,” says Yagna Narayanan, Executive Officer of Swamy Nellaiyappar Temple. The entire Tamirabharani – from Papanasam to Punnaikaayal — is dotted with a number of ‘mandapams’ with granite pillars.

Reference and citation.

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