How Western Scholars Misinterpret Hinduism Max Mueller

If one were to read Indian history, one is struck by a curious fact..

History between the period of Harshavardhana onward to Mogul Emperors is hazy , if not missing.It becomes clear after this period.You do not get authentic records or information about the Middle ages, when Tamil and Sanskrit literature were awash with Bhakthi literatue.

For instance one does not find reference of Adi Shankaracharya in either Sanskrit or Tamil literature during this period.

One does not find reference to Shankaracharya even among Sanskrit and even among the records of kings who were ardent promoters of Sanskrit in their chronicles, either written by them or others.

You find this only by the time of Vidyaranya when he established the Vijayanagar Empire.

The information has been so scanty that it took the 33rd Acharaya of Sringeri Sharada Mutt to locate Kalady, the birth place of Shankaracharya!

Again if You look at the works of these western scholars on ancient Hindu texts, they are presented in such a way,for one who does not know Sanskrit, the presentation of these authors would seem to be very faithful and they would declare these writers as Great and even call Max Mueller as Raja Rishi!

They rearranged facts skillfully and you are left with the impression that Hinduism is full of contradictions and Indian Philosophy is a Fantasy!

The methods, primarily, for dating any work , is by Internal evidence and the external evidence.

Internal evidence is given a supplementary role to external evidence, that is that of references in the contemporary or succeeding period.

If you manipulate the external evidence then the whole History becomes misleading.

This is what the Western Scholars have done.

Some Indian writers too fell into this trap and followed these scholars.

Britishers in a quest to rule us have done a lot of conspiracies to damage our social, cultural, economic and religious systems. bhArata varSha, also known as Aryavart is the whole land beginning from foot of himAlaya-s to indian ocean. Britishers realized that our culture and spiritual base was so strong that it is not possible to convert people just by giving lectures on Bible. They concluded that the only way to push our way of life, and rule them was to demean their backbone – spirituality. To carry out their plan, they created Asiatic society and hired many professionals who were send to India with sole purpose of demeaning and denigrate our religious philosophy as inferior, mythology, primitive, supporting animal and human sacrifice, imaginative and full of superstitions.
Then began a period of collecting manuscripts and then interpret them in derogatory way. They also paidlofty amount to Max Muller, a german philologist, who is often credited of interpreting veda-s and bringing them to west and general public. MAx Muller was also one of them who purposefully interpreted our shastra-s in derogatory way. Other members of Asiatic Society were
Max Muller – Translation of rg veda in demeaning way and other articles tragetting our shastras to degrade them.
Sir William Jones
J. D. Peterson
F. Wilford
H.H. Wilson – Translation of Vishnu PurANa in demeaning way
F.E. Partiger – Critical analysis of purANas and veda-s in demeaning way
Sir Monier-Williams
Colonel Colin Mackenzie
Franz Bopp
Pandit Taranath (Indian writer hired to write on Hinduism in derogatory way)
(the list extends to 34 names).
The list also includes Britannica encyclopedia, who added Hindu words and explained their meanings in demeaning way.
They influenced Hindu writers like
Surendradas Gupta
Dr. R.G. Bhandarkar – highly influenced by Max Muller’s works and his research
Bal Gandhar Tilak – who dated vedas to 1500-200 BC
S. Radhakrishnan – whose works are used for post graduation in History and religion of India
All these writers never wrote anything on Christianity. Why? If one is interested in studying religions of others, they also study their first religion. No one keeps studying and publishing foreign religion throughout their life and not study and publish something about their own religion. This shows the wicked mentality of the then Britishers.
  • They forged our shastras which include bhaviSya purANa, by adding Jesus, changing date of Chandragupta Maurya calling him a contemporary of Alexander.  To maintain consistency, they also pushed date of Lord Buddha and made him younger by 1500-2000 years. This also resulted in postponement of date of our beloved AcArya Adi Sankara, who as of 1999. should have been born 2500 years ago.
  • They also changed and interpolated dharma smriti-s, grihya sutra-s, purANa-s, kalpa sutra-s and our vedA-s also. They did this to endorse animal killing, sleeping with animals for carnal pleasure and other prohibited acts are actually approved by our shastra-s
  • They forged fake coins of Chandragupta Maurya to support their claims.
  • They destroyed our historic records and evidences, destroyed our faith, our culture and left of opportunity to project us, bhArtiya-s as poors chaps of inferior intelligence, and of superstitious and primitive nature.
  • Created fake Aryan Invasion theory to make us feel homeless. According to this theory, Germans (Aryans, sanskrit speaking people of high intelligence) migrated to India and they taught us everything.
  • Demean our holy deva-bhASa, sanskrit. Initially they could not find any concrete evidence of any language prior to sanskrit. So they created a fake proto-indo-european language, which is the root of all.
  • Compared our devatA-s with greek and other mythologies and equating them with nature spirits.
  • Calling our purANa-s are mythology.


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