Belief Faith and Miracles

My son was telling me( he is a Believer, Agnostic and a Non believer, all rolled into one, don’t ask me how, he is-I do not tell him what he should,on occasions I used to suggest him when he is that state of Mind to enquire within;he also knows the essentials of Indian Thought and knows important Sruti by heart) and an hour ago asked my that Miracles happened in the past ,especially in Treta Yuga( an Indian Aeon) and people thought of God and He appeared and why they do not now,

I am posting the essence of the discussion.

Lord Krishna.
Lord Krishna as a child.

In Indian Philosophy, unlike in other Philosophical Systems of the World, there is no such thing as  ‘Super Natural’

For a Hindu, everything in the Universe is natural, be it Rebirth, Good Actions producing  good results, Bad, the bad.Clairvoyance and the like and God.

God would appear if one where to call out to Him..

And that to in the Form the Caller wanted Him!

Is this due to Faith?

Answer is Yes and No.

Let me explain.

Belief is the feeling that some thing or some event would be the same way as it has been in our experience..

Child believes that its Mother would take care of it.

This kind Belief turns into Faith when the Belief turns out to be true at all times in one’s experience.

This Faith performs the seemingly impossible.

Faith is clothed as ‘Positive thoughts’ in modern parlance.

When one thinks he has Faith, he has lost it.

It should be as natural as breathing and to cite a daily example ‘the morning Ablutions’.

These things, you do not contemplate, analyse,but are Natural.

When one thinks he has Faith, he is aware of it and expects things to happen definitely.

But if this feeling is natural, you do not even for a second contemplate the desired result, because you are unconsciously convinced the that the desired result would be there and It is there for you..

Pu it simply, it is the Faith of the Child in its Mother.

In this sense, Faith does not perform Miracles,

It does , when one does and has the disposition of doing things naturally.

For people of the earlier Yugas, Miracles and Faith did not exist separately for them.

Faith was in their being and the result was embedded in that Feeling.

Hence they could do and see things which we, to-day call as Miracles .

Arjuna believed Krishna , had faith in Him.

He never thought it was  faith, it was a natural feeling with him.

If he had Faith on Lord Krishna only because he believed Krishna to be God , Arjuna would not have called Krishna as ‘a Cowherd, Friend(yadava, Saket and in many instances ridiculed him(He apologized to Krishna in The Bhagavad Gita for this in The Viswaroopa chapter of the Srimad Bhagavad Gita)

Arjuna took Krishna as his friend and treated him accordingly and what we call Miracles to-day were there for him.

The moment Arjuna felt differently, he was routed.

There is a story in the Mahabharata which narrates this point.

After the passing away of Lord Krishna(the term Dehavyoha is to be used here), Arjuna’s wives were captured by ordinary Dacoits..

Sage Narada was present  at his side.

Arjuna got agitated and swore that he would finish the dacoits off , get his wives back and bragged that those dacois did not know the power of Arjuna and his Kandipa(Arjuna’s Bow)

Narada just smiled and accompanied Arjuna in this assault on the dacoits.

Arjuna’s Kandiva was ineffective , broken and he was squarely beaten by the dacoits.

He asked Narada what happened to him and his Kandiva.
Narada replied,

‘You forgot the essential part of You, Lord Krishna; so long He was apart of You naturally , you vanquished every one.

Now you are humiliated”

Arjuna yearns for Krishna and  got his wives back after defeating the dacoits with his Kandiva.

So long as belief and Faith  natural and a part of you, nothing is a Miracle.

You shall get whatever  you want( so long it does not run contrary to Dharma(Righteousness)

This self belief is to be inculcated in the Children right from their infancy as it has been the case  with Dhruv(Dhruva) or Prahlad.

Then there are no Mountains, only mole hills in Life.

‘Aakaasath Pathitham Thoyam Yatha gachathi Saagaram,

Sarva Deva Namaskarah Kesavam Partichathi’

( As water from Rains, in the form Rivulets, Streams. Ponds, Rivers ultimately reaches and get submerged in the Ocean and become a part of it,worship of all and any God ultimately reaches Kesava( Lord Vishnu)

One thought on “Belief Faith and Miracles

  1. Very important points expressed. Astrologically, individual aspects in the earth signs have a tendency toward fear, insufficiency, wherein the tests of Shani (Saturn) through life assists each of us to come into our inner powers and strengths after second Saturn return. Some are born, as you well know, with great inner strengths bestowed through their astrology to continue their works accordingly and the transits bring aspects to each individual which opens new dimensions of being and inner strengths. I have had great inner faith and through the study of astrology and numerology have come to understand the individual timing for things to unfold, but it still requires one to continue to do one’s part for greatest effective inner strengths and greatest advantages from the dieties and their particular timing in our individual lives. Thank you for your post and narrative!!!!!


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