Sri Rama Navami Pooja Details with Mantras.

Kalinganarthana Krishna, Oothukkadu

Chaitra Sukla Paksha Navami is treated as Rama Navami. Rama Navami is the ninth day of the waxing phase of the moon in the month of Chaitram as per Telugu calendar.

Rama Navami Madhyahna Muhurat – 11:07 AM to 01:35 PM
Duration – 02 Hours 28 Mins
Sita Navami on Tuesday, May 10, 2022
Rama Navami Madhyahna Moment – 12:21 PM
Navami Tithi Begins – 01:23 AM on Apr 10, 2022
Navami Tithi Ends – 03:15 AM on Apr 11, 2022


The Coronation of Lord Sri Rama

LordRama Pattabhishekam Image credit .

There are two dates due to the Thithi(waxing and waning of the Moon) and the Star in which Lord Rama is born.


Thithi(Navami) might fall on one day,the Nakshatra((Punarvasu) on another day.

Lord Rama’s Nakshatra is Punarvasu, Thithi is Navami.

(The dates differ because of the practice in following different systems of the Almanac.)


If people follow Sauram(who follow Stars,more specifically the movement of the Sun-Solar calendar,Saura Manasa).

They give importance to the Star , Punarvasu,which is prevails for major portion of the Day.

For conducting occasions by Star , the Star must be prevalent for the major portion of the day, while for

Thithi, the balance, that is the least presence on the Day is to be observed – Chandra Maanasam).

That Lord Rama was a historical figure and not a figment of imagination is proved.

Please read my Blog on the Route Taken by Lord Rama.

Two names , among the pantheon of Hindu Gods have the Pranavam OM,The Ultimate Reality, in their names.

One is UMA, consort of Lord Siva and another is Lord Rama.

That is the reason why Uma asks of Lord Siva (as if she does not know-for our benefit) the name which can deliver the results of Lord Vishnu’s Sahasranama.

Lord Siva Replies it is Rama.

(‘kenopaayena laguna……

Sri Rama Ramethi….)-Sri Vishnu Sahasra Namam)

Following is the procedure for performing Sri Rama Navami Pooja.

The Full Sankalpa Text.

Aadhya Brahmanah,

Dwdheeya Paraarthe,

Swetha Varaha Kalpe,

Vaivaswatha Manvantare,

Astavikum Sathi tha me.

Kali Yuge,

Pradhame padhe.

Jambooth Dweepe,

Bharata Varshe,

Bharata Kande,


Dakshine parsve for those south of India) Sahapthe,





Shasti Savastharaanam,

Madhye …….(name of the year) nama samvathsare

Dakshinaayane /Uttarayane(movement of the SUN to Cancer to Capricorn),

…….(Name of the season among the six seasons), Ritau,

…..(Name of The Month),

…….pakshe(indicate the Waxing and Waning of the Moon)

Punya Thithou,

…..(mention the Day) ”Vaasara Yukthaayaam

…mention the Nakshatra/Star Yukthaayaam.

Asmaakam Saha Kudumbaanaam,

Kshema, Dhairya,, Veerya, Vijaya, Ayur, Arogya, Aiswarya Naam,Dharma ,Artha, Kama, Moksha,

Chatur vith pala purushaartyartham,

..mention Gotra(your lineage ( there will be three in number-this is called ‘Pravaram- the details are posted separaetely)

..mention you christened Name”

For more details on Sankalpam, please refer my blog on Sarasvati Pooja and make necessary changes-Kara nama Samvatsaram,Punarvasu,Ashtami/Navami)

Astothram. Click The Link below.

Panakam ,Neer More along with regular fruits etc may be offered.

Advisable to do Seetha Astothram as well.

Use this Link to convert into your Time Zone.

Rama Astothra Text.

108 Names of Lord Rama / Shree Rama Ashtothram

OM shriiraamaaya Namaha
OM raamabhadraaya Namaha
OM raamachandraaya Namaha
OM shaashvataaya Namaha
OM raajiivalochanaaya Namaha
OM shriimate Namaha
OM raajendraaya Namaha
OM raghupu.ngavaaya Namaha
OM jaanakiivallabhaaya Namaha
OM jaitraaya Namaha
OM jitaamitraaya Namaha
OM janaardanaaya Namaha
OM vishvaamitrapriyaaya Namaha
OM daantaaya Namaha
OM sharaNatraaNa tatparaaya Namaha
OM vaalipramathanaaya Namaha
OM vaagmine Namaha
OM satyavaache Namaha
OM satyavikramaaya Namaha
OM satyavrataaya Namaha
OM vratadharaaya Namaha
OM sadaahanumadaashritaaya Namaha
OM kausaleyaaya Namaha
OM kharadhva.nsine Namaha
OM viraadhavadhapaNDitaaya Namaha
OM vibhiishhaNa paritraatre Namaha
OM harakodaNDa kha.nDanaaya Namaha
OM saptataala prabhettre Namaha
OM dashagriiva shiroharaaya Namaha
OM jaamadgnya mahaadarpadalanaaya Namaha
OM taaTakaantakaaya Namaha
OM vedaantasaaraaya Namaha
OM vedaatmane Namaha
OM bhavarogasya bheshhajaaya Namaha
OM duushhaNa trishiro hantre Namaha
OM trimuurtaye Namaha
OM triguNaatmakaaya Namaha
OM trivikramaaya Namaha
OM trilokaatmane Namaha
OM puNyachaaritrakiirtanaaya Namaha
OM trilokaraxakaaya Namaha
OM dhanvine Namaha
OM danDakaaraNya puNyakRite Namaha
OM ahalyaa shaapa shamanaaya Namaha
OM pitRi bhaktaaya Namaha
OM varapradaaya Namaha
OM jitendriyaaya Namaha
OM jitakrodhaaya Namaha
OM jitaamitraaya Namaha
OM jagadgurave Namaha
OM Rixa vaanara sa.nghaatine Namaha
OM chitrakuuTa samaashrayaaya Namaha
OM jayanta traaNa varadaaya Namaha
OM sumitraaputra sevitaaya Namaha
OM sarvadevaadi devaaya Namaha
OM mRitavaanar jiivitaaya Namaha
OM maayaamaariichahantre Namaha
OM mahaadevaaya Namaha
OM mahaabhujaaya Namaha
OM sarvadevastutaaya Namaha
OM saumyaaya Namaha
OM brahmaNyaaya Namaha
OM munisaMstutaaya Namaha
OM mahaa yogine Namaha
OM mahodaraaya Namaha
OM sugriivepsita raajyadaaya Namaha
OM sarvapuNyaadhika phalaaya Namaha
OM smRita sarvaagha naashanaaya Namaha
OM aadipurushhaaya Namaha
OM paramapurushhaaya Namaha
OM mahaapurushhaaya Namaha
OM puNyodayaaya Namaha
OM dayaasaaraaya Namaha
OM puraaNapurushhottamaaya Namaha
OM smitavaktraaya Namaha
OM mitabhaashhiNe Namaha
OM puurvabhaashhiNe Namaha
OM raaghavaaya Namaha
OM anantaguNa gaMbhiiraaya Namaha
OM dhiiroddaattaguNottamaaya Namaha
OM maayaamaanushha charitraaya Namaha
OM mahaadevaadipuujitaaya Namaha
OM setukRite Namaha
OM jitavaaraashaye Namaha
OM sarvatiirthamayaaya Namaha
OM haraye Namaha
OM shyaamaa.ngaaya Namaha
OM sundaraaya Namaha
OM shuuraaya Namaha
OM piitavaasase Namaha
OM dhanurdharaaya Namaha
OM sarvayaGYaadhipaaya Namaha
OM yajvane Namaha
OM jaraamaraNavarjitaaya Namaha
OM vibhiishhaNa pratishhThaatre Namaha
OM sarvaavaguNavarjitaaya Namaha
OM paramaatmane Namaha
OM parasmai brahmaNe Namaha
OM sachchidaananda vigrihaaya Namaha
OM parasmai jyotishhe Namaha
OM parasmai dhaamne Namaha
OM paraakaashaaya Namaha
OM paraatparaaya Namaha
OM pareshaaya Namaha
OM paaragaaya Namaha
OM paaraaya Namaha
OM sarvadevaatmakaaya parasmai Namaha

Sri Rama Navami Date Converter.



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