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The Fifth Dimension- Images and Video explanation.

The Source of Astronomical Knowledge.

It is possible that some space-faring civilization passed on astronomical information to ancient India which appeared in the Puranas in a partially distorted form. It is also possible that these were invented by ancient Indian sages like Parasara and Maya with some assistance from the space-faring civilization. Since the three worlds were mentioned as the region of the consequences of works and the region of work, it could mean that these three worlds were the domain of work for this civilization as they interacted with the human civilization and subtly interfered with them. It also seems to be the places where the human-souls are re-engineered (after death?). For details see:- alien-presence-during-mahabharata.

Bhu Loka.(The Earth)

Vishnu Purana: Chapter 7:- Wherever earthy substance exists, which may be traversed by the feet, that constitutes the sphere of the earth (Bhu Loka), the dimensions of which I have already recounted to you.

Amongst the 14 worlds thus mentioned, the 7th one viz. Bhu-loka is usually identified with planet Earth. ‘Bhu’ means ‘Earth’ and ‘loka’ means ‘world’. Sometimes Bhuloka is identified only with the surface of planet Earth, where humans live.

Bhuvar Loka-The Geo Space.

Vishnu Purana: Chapter 7:- The region that extends from the earth to the sun, in which the Siddhas and other celestial beings move, is the atmospheric sphere (Bhuvar Loka), which also I have described.

The 6th one viz. Bhuvar-loka is identified with Earth’s atmosphere and sometimes with the space which is in the immediate neighborhood of Earth. In other words Bhuvarloka is the near-Earth space including Earth’s atmosphere. This is the region were all the aircrafts fly and where all the artificial-satellites and space-stations that orbit around the Earth are situated. This region can re equated to the Geospace, the space dominated by Earth’s magnetic field.



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In trying to expand our awareness to this multi–dimensional space in which we actually live, most of us are able to return to early learning, remembering how one, two, and three dimensions operate. The simple description for this arrangement is that one-dimensional space can be thought of as a line, two-dimensionality as a flat surface, and three-dimensionality as a cube that has length, width, and height. To imagine four-dimensional space, we might imagine ourselves moving in time through three-dimensional space, though as stated above, this would not be an exact picture of four-dimensional space which joins ‘space-time’ into one larger whole. Within four-dimensional space, we are at a particular location in physical space at a particular time.

To try to imagine five-dimensional space from this three-dimensional perspective is generally not possible. The fifth dimension or layer of Creation is not spatial nor is it temporal. Rather, it is a dimension that brings space-time into relationship with the timeless and eternal. Fifth-dimensional ‘space’ and the awareness that accompanies it creates a movement of consciousness rather than a movement on the physical plane. This movement allows us to begin to perceive the unity of life and matter because we are moving within a higher plane. And just as we would if we physically ascended a mountain, as we move into higher dimensions, we have access to a broader view of what reality really is. Within this broader view, things are not as separate as they are within three-dimensional reality. The one who is ‘me’ and the one who is ‘you’ are not so far apart, in fact, they may not be apart at all.

To understand movement within a ‘plane of consciousness‘, think of dreaming. In dreams, we can do things that are not normally possible in physical life. We can see the same thing from different perspectives. We can be two places at the same time. We can move in ways that are not possible in three-dimensional space, and time itself often has an altogether different quality. Dreaming gives us an illustration of what a ‘movement in consciousness’ might be like.

Multi-dimensional space, like dreaming, is a ‘consciousness-space’ – one which we, for the most part, are not accustomed to, unless we have had non-ordinary experiences which have taken us into these other realms. Dreaming, for most, is the closest approximation. The Kabbalah and its Tree of Life, the ten Sephiroth,2,3 can be a spiritual guide for us within this multi-dimensional space, as can other holistic models of the universe4 and of Creation which serve the same purpose. Although the Sephiroth do not correspond exactly to dimensions, they do describe a model of the spiritual-physical universe in which Light and energy descend progressively from the Godhead into the world of matter. In doing so, they create pathways through which forces of Creation emanating from the Godhead can direct energy toward lower states of expression and manifestation. The route or passage of this energetic descent results in the divinization5 and layering of the spiritual-physical universe into gradations of spiritual energy and Light.


The Fifth Dimnsion- Vera Stanley Alder-The Fifth Dimension-Google Books.

The Fifth Dimension,The Missing Link. Joseph Donnelly

Images for Fifth Dimension.

Fifth dimension image.
Image in Fifth Dimension.

The cosmos would make perfect sense … if it turns out we’re living in a 10- or 11-dimensional realm where gravity is bubbling off a different plane entirely. At least that’s what’s emerging as the hottest concept on the frontier of physics.

Though these sound like virtually unverifiable claims, physicists are trying to come up with ways to gather evidence to back up or disprove the extradimensional theories currently in vogue. But it’ll take several years to get that evidence, if it can be gotten at all.

The claim that the cosmos has more than the four dimensions we can perceive — that is, three spatial dimensions plus time — is exotic enough. But the quest to prove that claim brings in a virtual menagerie of mysteries: mini-black holes and dark matter, gravitational waves and cosmic inflation, super-high-energy particle collisions and ultra-powerful gamma-ray bursts.

Even the physicists behind today’s most-talked-about extradimensional theory, Harvard University’s Lisa Randall and Johns Hopkins University’s Raman Sundrum, aren’t yet exactly sure whether the approaches will pay off.

“Nothing comes with a money-back guarantee,” Sundrum told

So why bother? Physicists aren’t just spinning out these tales of 11 dimensions for the amusement of science-fiction writers. Rather, unseen dimensions seem to offer the best hope for solving the kinds of problems that have frustrated theorists since Albert Einstein’s day.

Example of another dimension Space beyond 3 D.
Collision between two atomic particles in 3 D Universe.

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